About the koralista


This simple girl with extraordinary thoughts is a certified Koralista herself. Has been singing in the choir since childhood. A former member of numerous church choirs here in the Philippines. A frustrated pianist, violinist and animator. Also loves food tripping, drawing anime in music sheets during choir rehearsals and blogging while listening to the music of My Chemical Romance (sooo emo!), David Cook (love him sooo much!), some anime songs and MADZ (choral music at its finest!) hahahah! XD

Well anyway I’m known to be childish, emo, tardy and moody sometimes. Currently working as Junior SEO Specialist in Manila, Philippines.
So there. 😀



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  1. Hello Koralista,

    You may be able to help me. Do you know of any choral concerts this coming July? I am travelling to Manila in July 7 – 16 and I would like to see a local choir perform in concert anytime within these dates.

    Any ideas?

    Sherryl Ann

  2. Hello Ms. Sherryl Ann!

    I haven’t got any news about upcoming concerts this coming July. But we’ll keep you posted if there’s one.


    PS: The choir group that I’m in is having a back-to-back concert with another choir (not yet named), but the the date is still unknown. Our conductor told me that the concert will set this coming July or August, for they havent told me yet the exact date. Again we’ll keep you posted. Thanks!

  3. Hi Koralista!~

    Manila Broadcasting Company is compiling a database of choirs it would like to invite to the forthcoming mbc natl choral fest. Could you please help us with names and contact details for the conductors of the following:
    Anima Christi Chorale of Lucena
    Coro Tomasino
    UPMED Chorale
    UP Vocal Ensemble-SIC Singers
    Oekonomous Deus Singers

    And conductors Oscar Pantaleon Jr, Marivic Llamas, Joel Aquino and Warlito Yalung

    Thanks for whatever help you can extend

    Best regards

  4. hi koralista plz help me nmn kc need namin ng mga piece ng madz like minsan lang kita iibibgin the prayer or circle of life pti pla ung chua-ay help me nmn oh san makakhanap ni2 khit i have sumthing in return n lng n pabor kc kylngn tlga email me @ alma_tuballa@yahoo.com if meron plz po tnx and GOD BLESS!!!!!!!!

  5. Hi Aljon!

    I replied to your post via email, thanks! 😀

  6. hello koralista…. Do u have chorale pieces of love songs, folk songs, inspirational songs, etc.. plus the popular songs of MADZ? may we also have the copy of those songs? pls do email us at: themagnificatchorale_strongfaith@yahoo.com
    it would be our pleasure to hear from you soon! thanks in advanced! =)

  7. Hello!

    I’m doing my research on MADz and MADz et al. Would you know any links that lead me to that?

    Thanks! 😀


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