Scandal after Cancellation of 2nd Asian Choir Games, Korea 2009

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It’s been months (I think) since I last updated this blog due to my crazy work schedule and I know that I need to post some news about some events that happened recently. (2nd Asian Choir Games, etc.)

As I was checking my inbox on my Friendster, Multiply and Facebook accounts, I saw one of the post from Mr. Thomas Schule from International Choir Festivals & Competitions in Asia Facebook group, and I think it’s best if I share this post to everyone:

Basic Info: Due to several cases of H1N1 (swine flue) the government of
Basics: There are 13 singers from Indonesia having the H1N1 virus called swine flu. They are singers in 3 choirs. Those 3 choirs with 142 singers all in all will have to stay in quarantaine for annother 6 days here in Masan City. The 13 singers the vius has been confirmed are in Medical Center. Non of them has serious problems so the authorities think that they will be released as well in about 4-6 days.

Gyeongnam province decided on July 10 to finish the event with immediate effect. INTERKULTUR joined this decision. The condition of act of God is given. As of Saturday, July 11 no more performances and events are taking place.

Today July 12: Just coming back from big fighting with the korean autorities. Together with representatives of the Indonesian Embassy we are fighting for a human treatment of our indonesian friends which are in Quaranteene. As of now I send you this from one of the quaranteed singers:

Report from Quarantine

Today is our 4th day of being quarantined, and it doesn’t seem everything is going to be better. There were 10 members of our group hospitalized since yesterday. This morning, another 2 persons hospitalized (in Masan Hospital? I m not sure). Other members are relatively healthy. I myself got a mild fever this morning (about 37.5 Celsius) and doctor gave me Tamiflu for 5 days. There are several people have already prescribed with Tamiflu since 9 July.

Until yesterday, we could still go out of the dorm to the convenience store and canteen to buy some snacks and light meals like sushi and instant noodles. Today, they tighten the security and do not allow us to go out of the building. We must stay in the building (level 5 and 6 only).
Children are not happy here. There are no facilities. Only room (two persons in one room) without aircon and no TV. Gladly, there are still few computers at level 6 to connect to the internet. We can use the internet until 1130 pm.
Food is relatively bad. Yesterday was the worst. Food came late. This is what has happened:

no breakfast.
Actually breakfast is a compliment from the dorm, but our group could not get it because we are isolated.

lunch came at 3pm.
only pizza. limited amount, so each person can only take 2 slices.

dinner came at 9pm. with pork.
many of our members do not eat pork, then they didn’t eat last night.

this morning’s breakfast was only one soft bread per person.

today’s lunch was very spicy. I myself (and some other people) cannot take spicy food, then I only ate the rice.
another meal came around 4pm. I’m not sure whether it is for lunch, dinner, or for tomorrow?
Regards XXX

Many more things happened: No one cares for the garbidge, No information abou the procedere ect. ect.

This is a scandal!!!! The representatives of Indonesian Embassy were shouting to the Korean responsibles: “You are treating our coutrymen like animals!” We are fighting for a human treatment to our friends from Indonesia.

Need a email address for protest? Here we go:


Be shure I will keep you updated. Thomas

I may be a Filipino blogger but what I learned about the news shocked me a lot. Of course no one wants to get infected from the virus but what the Korean officials did to the Indonesian participants who got infected from the virus is absolutely inhumane. I hope and pray that this will resolve soon.

So there.


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